KNA run rosters for grades 3 to 6 on Mondays at the outdoor KNA courts.
• Winter roster (March to June)
• Spring Roster (September to November/December) are run each year.
No games occur during school holidays or on public holidays.

Information is sent to all local schools approximately 4-6 weeks before each roster starts and an update on our Facebook page. Once registrations open for each roster a link to register the team will be found on our page on PlayHQ.
Teams are accepted from schools or just a group of friends. There is no restriction on number of boys or girls. Each player are the same regardless of identity and there are no restrictions on where anyone can play on the court.

Teams are placed in two groups - Grade 3/4 and Grade 5/6.
Grade 3/4 Roster
• No ladder or grand final - non competitive roster, next step in our NetSetGO Program (GO Session)
• Games are held at 4:10pm and 5:00pm
• Quarters at 4:10pm are 10 minutes and quarters at 5:00pm are 12 minutes (due to central timing)

Grade 5/6 Roster
• Ladder will be populated for this roster to determine games for Finals Round - win = 4 points, loss = 0 points, draw or bye = 2 points
• Finals Round is the last week - all teams play (1 v 2, 3 v 4, 5 v 6, etc) - medallions given to teams playing in the 'grand final' (1 v 2)
• Games are held at 5:00pm and 6:00pm
• Quarters are 12 minutes and central timed

All teams are to provide the following:
• Coach
• Umpire - in some circumstances KNA is able to provide umpires this is dependant on the number of junior umpires we are developing. Please contact us if you are having difficulty providing an umpire.
• Ball
• Bibs

Working with Vulnerable People Registration is required for all coaches and umpires who are aged 16 and over. Proof of this registration must be provided to the Secretary ( prior to round 2 of each roster. You will need to provided this registration for each roster regardless of whether you registration status has changed. Further information is available from the Department of Justice website.

KNA Code of Conduct is available on our website and hard copies found in the KNA Clubrooms. This sets out the expectations of each player, coach, umpire and spectator when attending or participating in a KNA run activity.

All teams must have a uniform. This must consist of the following:
• Same coloured tops
• Same coloured bottoms (netball skirt, shorts or track pants)
• Sports shoes must be worn
• Players must be in the correct uniform for finals

Scoresheets will be provided pre-populated with the registered members of the team - if a player is not on the sheet they will be unable to participate. The coaches are responsible for placing the playing position for each player for each quarter. The winning team is responsible for taking the completed scoresheet to the KNA Clubrooms after the game.
Game cancellations will be posted on the KNA Facebook page by 2:15pm on game day. Notification of a forfeit is the responsibility of the forfeiting team. Please ensure you advise KNA as soon as possible if you are needing to forfeit.

The rules of netball can be found here.
KNA highlights the following International Netball Federation Rule (5.1.1 (iv)) where it states:

(iv)Players may not wear anything that could endanger themselves or other players, specifically:

(a) No adornment or jewellery may be worn other than a wedding ring which must be covered with tape.
(b) A medical alert bracelet may be worn provided it is covered with tape.
(c) Fingernails must be short and smooth.
(d) Hair must be suitably tied back.

We must abide by this rule to ensure we do not void our player insurance cover provided through our affiliation with Netball Tasmania.
Below are some specific details around this rule.
Jewellery cannot be worn whilst playing. This includes earrings, nose rings, bracelets, watches, activity trackers, necklaces and hair adornments unapproved by the umpires. Coaches are asked to ensure that all players have removed all jewellery prior to the commencement of the game, umpires will check this also. Players who refuse to remove any jewellery will not be able to participate in the game. Covering the jewellery with tape is not an acceptable, the item must be removed.
Fingernails must be cut short and be smooth. Taping long nails is not acceptable. Netball gloves can be worn but the nails underneath must still be cut short and be smooth, the umpire will ask you to remove your gloves to confirm this.

A guide to register and the process to claim a Ticket to Play is located below.

  • PlayHQ Registration Guide and Ticket to Play Reimbursement Process