Welcome to the Kingborough Netball Association.

The Kingborough Netball Association is committed to providing opportunities to fully realise an individual’s netball potential. Netball is a great way to get fit, have fun, and make friends. Netball offers the enjoyment of participation, good health, recognition, and a sense of belonging.


Grades 3/4

Monday 4:15 pm

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Summarised Netta Playing Rules

The following Netta Rules are used for the Grade 3/4 mini-league roster:

No defending in the goal circles.
Players may shuffle their feet or take one step but cannot obviously advance down the court or run with the ball.
Players can hold the ball for up to 6 seconds.
Boys are also eligible to play in the mini-league rosters. They will play under the following mixed roster rules:

No more than three (3) boys allowed on court at any one time.
Only one (1) boy is permitted to be positioned in each third of the court during the game at any one time, ie one (1) boy as goal attack or goal shooter, one (1) boy as wing attack, wing defence or center and one (1) boy as goal keeper or goal defence.

Download Netta Rules for detailed version.

Grades 5/6

Monday 5 pm

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High School 'C' Grade

Monday 6 pm


Monday 5-6 pm